Unique and Fun Wedding Ideas

Fun Wedding Idea

Weddings are always lively, fun and wonderful in their own unique ways, but you can make yours stand out from the rest of them by doing things a little creatively.

Forget being stuffy and dated in your wedding with the regular hum-drum events. Wow your guests by amping up the entertainment and the uniqueness of your wedding function so that they remember your special event for years and years to come.

Here’s a list of unique and fun wedding ideas:

Fun Wedding Idea #1 – Give your guests a touching walk down the memory lane.

Let your wedding guests become part of the overall decor by creating a gallery of meaningful, touching photographs of them. Include pictures of you and your soon-to-be spouse as well, let your friends and family walk along the lane from the ceremony to the reception and then just revel in the sheer pleasure of your guests.
Plus, this increases chances of socialisation and really ups the feel-good factor.

Fun Wedding Idea #2 – Make your wedding really FUN!

If you’re planning a garden wedding, get a super slide and slide away with your bride/groom as soon as you exchange the vows. Make your guests enjoy it too for a truly fun wedding.

Or keep all your friends and family entertained for hours with a game of Connect 4. Rent a large connect 4 structure to play this intriguing game.

Another unique idea? Have a ring tossing game by getting a ring tosser!

Fun Wedding Idea #3 – How about a white coloured bouncy house?

As far as weddings go, this is pretty unconventional, yet funny and insanely entertaining. Your guests will talk about the fun they had at your wedding for decades!

Fun Wedding Idea #4 – Get some seriously cool mass transportation for your guests.

Plan on shutting away your wedding invitees from the uniquely done ceremony to the amazing reception? Make it super fun by including a hot air balloon ride. Be warned, your guests might not want to come down easily!

Or if you prefer to stay on the ground and not risk air travel, rent some super adorable, charming looking yellow school buses to soak in some nostalgia.
Play funky music in the buses and attach placards that say – Bride & Groom Wedding or Bust – original, unique and so creative!

Fun Wedding Idea

Fun Wedding Idea #5 – Get grooving while moving!

The very first time you enter your reception hall, do not just walk in arm-in-arm like a boring, newly married couple.

Instead, be unique and fun and run or dance or do some skipping as you come in. You just married the best person you could – show the world how happy you are!

This also helps break the ice and turns up the fun factor for all your wedding guests as they get infected by your excitement as well.

Fun Wedding Idea #6 – Get some cool looking upgraded wedding bags for all your friends and family.

Make all your wedding invitees feel like super cool VIP folks by giving them some upgraded wedding bags that has much more than just a map or some random snacks.

Throw in special chocolates or candy or anything that makes it classy.