Date Night Dilemma

date night

We have all been there at least once. Date night is on the horizon and neither of you can decide what to do or where to go. The constant indecisiveness and the bickering back and forth trying to come up with a mutual plan will most likely start to cause serious problems in your relationship until you both have had enough. The solution to this is simple and will save you both the headache. Start off with some yummy take out from a different place each time and take turns picking the place. No, that wasn’t the easy fix, just a way to compromise.On to the main part of the date, entertainment both of you will enjoy.
Think about this question before answering yourself. Have you ever seen anyone not enjoy Wedding Comedies? The answer is No because they are the whole kit and caboodle wrapped into one. Romantic and mushy for her, action and comedy for him. Its a win win for everyone. There are so many great Wedding Comedy movies out there that no one could be bored with this choice.

Take “Wedding Crashers” for instance. Two hilarious and fun to watch actors, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson take party crashing to a whole new level. Non stop laughter, finding love, and so many ups and downs this film will hold everyone’s interest from start to finish.

“27 Dresses” starts out like a modern day version of the saying, ” Always a bridesmaid, Never a bride.” Starring Katherine Heigl as the dependable friend who just cant say No when it comes to being a bridesmaid. Pining away for her boss, Edward Burns, she is heartbroken that he doesn’t notice her and is busy planning his wedding to her sister, who he has known all of five minutes. No fear, James Marsden and his dreamy eyes come to her rescue and save the day. Of course she doesn’t fall into his arms immediately but when she finally does its a match made in Hollywood.

If your in the mood for a bossy and demanding woman used to getting what she wants then you should check out “The Proposal” with Businesswoman Sandra Bullock as she comes to realize that money and power will never match love and attraction. Bullying and bribing her way into her assistant, Ryan Reynolds, family life and eventually his bed, both fighting against opening their hearts. Slowly, they both start to think that maybe a fake proposal could eventually lead to a real one.

Childhood best friends, shared dreams of the perfect wedding, cruel pranks and cat fights taken to a whole new level make “Bride Wars” a must see. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway will stop at nothing to have the perfect wedding on the same date. Be prepared for a mix of tears and uncontrollable laughter.
Love the 80’s? The chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in “The Wedding Singer ” is phenomenal. Filled with 80’s music, Retro style fashion, and quirky jokes you cant help but love this movie and root for them to finally see they are perfect for one another.

“Monster in Law” will definitely make you want to kiss your mother in law and apologize for thinking bad of her. Jane Fonda will stop at nothing to make Jennifer Lopez disappear from her sons life but she doesn’t realize that this bride to be isn’t going anywhere.

With so many more movies to ass to tbis list of Wedding comedies you and your sweetie will fall in love all over again if your srill on the fence about your relationship try adding a couple of these titles to finalize the deal. ” My Best Friends Wedding”, “Meet the Parents”, and definitely watch “The Wedding Date” . You will have your partner eatingout of your hand after gathering the relationship do’s and dont’s from these great titles.