Ryan Dunn

Ryan DunnRyan Dunn was an actor, live stunt performer, musician, comedian and author. He was born on June 11, 1977 and he died on June 20, 2011. He recorded his extreme stunts and pranks and this is what lead him to fame. His death was caused by an automobile accident that was alcohol related. Many fans were shocked by his death.

His filmography career began in 1997 and it continued to 2011, but in 2014 his greatest hits were combined from archived footage. The Living Will was a film released in 2011 and Ryan Dunn starred in it. This was an American comedy film. Due to his death, it was decided that this film was not released to theater. It was only released for direct to video in October 2011. This means it could be rented or purchased as a video but could not be watched at a movie theater.

The Living Will Video was produced by Ryan and Roy Koriakin. It was distributed by KPHAT Productions. The plot for the film was about Belcher returning from the dead, only to discover his best friend moved in with his cousin and h tries to end the relationship. Ryan was a great comedian that attracted thousands to his audiences.

Ryan Dunn was quite popular and mourned by many fans, family members, and friends. Living Will can be purchased or rented on DVD, Blu-Ray, on-demand TV etc. Movie trailers online display small parts of the video. Eyan was born to make people laugh and he was truly good at doing it naturally. Watching the video really made a lot of people think about getting a realliving will.

The director of Living Will was Matthew Lauyer. The producers of this video included Ryan Dunn, April Scott, Joseph Hennigan, Roy Koriakin. You can watch the Living Will Video online as well. Ryan Dunn did have a very successful career in filmography, even though it was a short one.