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living will movieThis is a famous way for most critics to determine a film`s general quality in the market. This is done through the analysis and the evaluation of the movie and also the medium. It should be noted that that the movie`s description or rather its plot summary makes up the majority of the movie review. There are various ways reviews can be conducted such as journalistic critics, online reviews which involves blogging and academic critics. Academic critics try to explore and understand the movie beyond the journalistic critics, it’s also known as film studies. Basically, a review is the process of going over a subject and also the recitation of the facts in summary.

'The Living Will' is a comedy movie full of laughable moments. If your beloved is a Dunn fan, it's worth to consider choosing this movie for stay-at-home night. Combine the movie with a nice romantic dinner and a gift - see these traditional gift ideas. It will be definitely a remarkable night. In order to understand movie reviews let’s put into consideration the movie `the Living Will`, which is a 2011 independent film directed by Matthew Lauyer and is starring Ryan Dunn. The movie has been classified as a comedy. The movie`s running time is 102 minutes.

Through a chain of tremendous events, Belcher (Ryan Dunn) ends up dying , though saddened by his demise Will (Gerard Haitz) , his best friend , has to move on without him. Will and Belcher`s cousin Krista (April Scott) finally hit it off and start dating after they met at friend`s funeral. It’s around this time that Belcher`s comes back as a ghost to continue his wild life of partying and also to set his best friend straight on a few things. Will is the only person who can see him. Nevertheless, he can affect the physical environment hence leading to numerous mischief.

Belcher is more worried that his best friend Will would soon forget due to the relationship he has with Krista. That said, it`s fair to state that the movie was well orchestrated as Dunn was pretty good in handling the crass aspect of the movie as expected by his fans. Moreover, his personality suits this character well as you’d actually get the impression his playing himself. Haitz and Scott also did well in their respective roles mostly as a screen couple. However, Dunn got most of the laughs and being his last piece, this is the kind of performance that will go down in history.

The film is not without flaws. Rather than developing the plot of the movie as expected it`s more intent on throwing nudity and also crass jokes. Additionally, some spots in the movie are predictable. Some supporting performances were not entirely successful. Despite this, if one enjoys raucous comedy and appreciates Dunn`s deadpan delivery of the scenes, well, this is worth giving a try. To add on that, Dunn`s fans will appreciate the tribute to Dunn though it lasts for a few minutes (seven).

Well, the movie can also be defined as hilarious, however for most of Dunn`s fans it will hit their hearts because in an eerie case of life imitating art, Dunn is dead in the movie and later passes on after 2 months due to an accident before the movie was due for release.


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